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Dr. Devi P. Shetty Cardiac Surgeon

I’m very happy with the physiotherapy services I’ve received at your clinic. Your initial assesment was very thorough and the exercises have helped. The clinic atmosphere is great.

Jagmohan Dalmiya

    He is the one of the greatest professional physiotherapist I have ever met. I am very thankful for the treatment he has provided to me. I wish

    Dr. Lalit Kapoor Cardiac Surgeon

      I have seen Dr Sil very closely. Beside being a very good physiotherapy consultant, he is a nice person too. I am happy to find him as my colleague.

      Dr. Sushan Mukhrjee Cardiac Surgeon

        I have seen Hironmoy for many years, his dedication and untiring effort towards profession makes him unique. He is a gem in real.

        C. Roy Doctor of Medicine

        In recent years coaching golf has changed dramatically. Today’s top golf coaches are beginning to understand the importance of sport science, coaching teams and integration.

        P. Lalit Doctor of Medicine

        I have nothing but praise for your fabulous services. You have been most accommodating and have gone over and above what was expected.

        Dr. Goutam Saha Orthopaedic Surgeon

          I wish Hironmoy success in every aspect of life. He is a gem and true fighter.

          Dr Subrata Moitra Cardiologist

            Hironmoy’s daunting effort in various critical cases has made him unique. I have seen him taking those challenges and attain success with his perseverance.

            Dr. Nabakumar Saha Laparoscopic Surgeon

              He is a true friend to his patient. His ability to clearly explain the diagnosis to his patient makes him unique in his field.


              Dr. Lalit Agarwal Nephrologist

                I wish Hironmoy success in every aspect of life. He is a gem and true fighter.

                Dr Pahari Ghosh Neurologist

                  Not only Dr. Sil is on the cutting edge of breathing theory and therapy, but he is attracting some of the best and most creative minds to his program. It is a must for professionals involved in breathing, dental, facial growth, and sleep medicine fields.

                  Dr. Lalit Agarwal Nephrologist

                    Dr. SIl is a very caring and knowledgeable professional. This is a very rare combination of qualities in today’s medical environment.


                    Dibyendu Biswas National Football Player

                      I am grateful to Dr Sil for the treatment I have received. Latest scientific physiotherapy treatment have helped me to recover faster. Thank you Dr Sil.

                      Dr. Soumitra Chanda Doctor of Medicine

                        I can’t imagine what most Doctors would charge for consultations of this caliper, he delivers it for free. We can ask what we need to get better understanding of our issues and good advice to try.

                        Dr. Govind Rajgarhia Diabeto-cardiologist

                          I have been seeing Dr Sil for a long time, The level of effort and enthusiasm he and his team puts in every patient is commendable. Great to have him as a friend.



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