Postural Problems

April 7, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Can we deny that postural problems are leading to immobility in modern digital India?
Postural problems have always been a menace to people across the globe if they do not adhere to proper posture. Digital work has increased this menace where people hooked to computer screens, typing in keyboards or on mobile phones for a major part of the day have become a routine. This has led to several problems which are linked to an individual’s profession. As a responsible physiotherapist, I need to tell people the importance of ergonomics. Maintaining proper posture while working, taking break from sitting long hours in front of your laptop or desktop are a few of the important things. I have seen patients who have been diagnosed with severe cervical problems which have crippled them to the extent that they cannot sit and work at their desk. For all those IT / ITES and other professionals, consult your physiotherapist before things go out of control.