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Postural Problems

April 7, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Can we deny that postural problems are leading to immobility in modern digital India?
Postural problems have always been a menace to people across the globe if they do not adhere to proper posture. Digital work has increased this menace where people hooked to computer screens, typing in keyboards or on mobile phones for a major part of the day have become a routine. This has led to several problems which are linked to an individual’s profession. As a responsible physiotherapist, I need to tell people the importance of ergonomics. Maintaining proper posture while working, taking break from sitting long hours in front of your laptop or desktop are a few of the important things. I have seen patients who have been diagnosed with severe cervical problems which have crippled them to the extent that they cannot sit and work at their desk. For all those IT / ITES and other professionals, consult your physiotherapist before things go out of control.

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Physiotherapy in Kolkata

March 27, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Physiotherapy is a noble profession. I have always loved my profession and have devoted my life to it. I have often expressed my disappointment that people think of physiotherapy as just another massage rather than a procedure for curing complex problems. People have misconceiving ideas about physiotherapy and fail to understand the deep rooted links between physiotherapy and the diseases. It forms a bridge between medicines and cure. The city of joy has come a long way in bridging this gap where physiotherapy in Kolkata is being redefined and awareness being spread on the applications of it. Application of physiotherapy can happen in various disciplines like sports injuries, frozen shoulder, pre and post natal care, heart ailments, orthopaedic issues like osteoporosis, joint problems and many more. It is important to understand that physiotherapy is a process whose ultimate aim is to achieve mobility amongst the patients by curing them from the root issues.

As a disciple of the reverend Saint Mother Teresa, I remember her words when she said “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” I do feel that what I am doing today is just a drop in the ocean but if it heals the society by a drop, then let the awareness begin today.

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Dhobol jyotsna

September 16, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Dhobol jyotsna raate aajo bhabi amar hariye jawa soisob ar koysor er upokotha . sadharon ,oti-sadharon sonkirno golir bosta pocha sopnopuri chilo amader shobar bosar bishram ar porasunar tirtho khetro . aajo bhuli ni sottor er doshok er pori katha mo , ektu bodhye bodh-hin beshi chilam . amar aaj lekha kotha noi , amra kojoni ba likhte pari . kokhuno lekha tao bilasita mone hoye. ota bikri kore to ar aahar jutbe na. ami to kauno dini boro sahitiyik ba kobi hobo na. tobu sunil babur naderali amay kadaye je ordho basona nari amar dooare ese aasam r bangla dese bowl , bhatiyali gaan gaye dui theke paach naya paisa chaito taderke ki kore bhuli.prithvi amai phiryedao amar soisob koisore. boba jontrana aar ek dike sonsar er samazik dawityo amaye din din amanush kore diche . ami to chaini e jibon , sukh cheye chilam bilash chaini. somajtantro,porisudho somajer prochur prochur bhalo manus chaye chilam.

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Sudhu mone rekhoe

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Bangladesher choto gram theka uthe ashar kotha, Je desh amar janmobhumi se deshe keu amaka chene na. Baro dukho hai. Seisob talmatal somaje theke bache thakar larai. Lorai songram sudhu bhasar tokma noy. Jibon boro choto r kothin. Je desh amar e matribhume setha keno atho rajnitee manush nyea, khabar nyea, bosthro-basosthan nyea, jontrona, swapno aro koto kiejani na. Corporate, policy maker, professionalism ki manusher subho sottakeo gola tipee hottya korche? Etai ekhon khela? manus ki aj boro confused na bhoi-bhito?
Kono din amar sokal ta thakbe na se din jeno prithibita aro ujjal hoy. Megheder sathe lukochuri kelte kelte jibon ta abar onobodho korbo, parina. Abar sai ghare fera r cha er peyalae choomuk dia gharoa adda..Maar sathe khub dustumi kora..priyotomar kotha vebe aktu buk var hoya. Ami biswas kori pronoyer porinoti bondhan noy, hoyto ba thye. Ojana akankhaye gola buje asha.

Akash k dekha amar prem sekha. Aj akash bollo tumi vul jenecho amaka deko sob jontrona ami nirobe soi tubo ami nil ghano nil.

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