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I have always believed physiotherapy to be a science which has got a role in our day to day ives. We often tend to forget the basics as we surge ahead in the quest of life – quest is a healthy part of life but so is health. A healthy body feeds a healthy mind and together in tandem they create a synergy which brings heart and soul together in whatever we do with our daily lives. Physiotherapy helps to bring this synergy through life style modification, daily exercises, avoiding long hours in front of the tv or computer and definitely mobile phones. I am happy to be your physiotherapist in Kolkata and look forward to serve to the best of my ability.

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Physiotherapy in Kolkata

Dr. Sil wants to spread awareness for Physiotherapy in Kolkata and beyond. He believes that people should not undermine physical therapy as it is proven that a proper diagnosis can lead to the cure of difficult diseases from the root level. Apart from the social aspect to it, Dr. Sil and his team maintains a high level of proficiency and professionalism in addressing the needs of each and every patient, monitoring their conditions, helping and training them with rehabilitation process, improve quality of life and a lot more. The principal services include:

    • Preparation of Patient Medical History
    • Diagnosis of specific ailment and injuries.
    • Specific plan for each and every patient.
    • Training and implementation of physical therapy exercises and use of therapy equipments.
    • Follow-up of rehabilitation program implementation, patient progress chart.
    • State of the art infrastructure and equipments for a range of ailments like burn injuries, sports injures, accidents, trauma victims, respiratory disease, pulmonary functions, heart diseases, pregnancy problems etc.
    • Pre and Post Natal classes are held for pregnant mothers.
    • Dealing with professionals suffering from occupational hazards like neck pain, stress, spondylosis problems, and cervical problems caused due to long working hours in front of the computer or laptop.

How Can Physiotherapy Help Me ?

Physiotherapy believes in striking at the core of a problem and gives the proper remedy to the patients. First of all, the physiotherapist needs to investigate the root cause of the problem and then go about their remedial plan. A lot of factors need to be addressed while making the treatment plan. These factors act as catalyst to the problem further aggravating it. These are mainly poor posture, bad habits, stress related issues, working at nights, lack of sleep, food habits etc.

P. LalitDoctor of Medicine

I have nothing but praise for your fabulous services. You have been most accommodating and have gone over and above what was expected.

C. RoyDoctor of Medicine

In recent years coaching golf has changed dramatically. Today’s top golf coaches are beginning to understand the importance of sport science, coaching teams and integration.

Dr. Sushan MukhrjeeCardiac Surgeon

I have seen Hironmoy for many years, his dedication and untiring effort towards profession makes him unique. He is a gem in real.

Dr. Lalit KapoorCardiac Surgeon

I have seen Dr Sil very closely. Beside being a very good physiotherapy consultant, he is a nice person too. I am happy to find him as my colleague.

Jagmohan Dalmiya

He is the one of the greatest professional physiotherapist I have ever met. I am very thankful for the treatment he has provided to me. I wish

Dr. Devi P. ShettyCardiac Surgeon

I’m very happy with the physiotherapy services I’ve received at your clinic. Your initial assesment was very thorough and the exercises have helped. The clinic atmosphere is great.

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The Philosophy behind Physiotherapy is to make the physical therapy science extremely simple. What is meant by the above statement that the machine named as a human body responds to the physical therapy in the most scientific method possible. Our effort is to make people understand the basic needs of the body, the complication involved in wrong postures, sports injuries, post operatives and a lot more. Though the solutions are simple, yet if unattended will lead to greater complications. We have divided our process into three basic steps given below.


The Philosophy behind Physiotherapy is to make the physical therapy science extremely simple. What is meant by the above statement that the machine named as a human body responds to the physical therapy in the most scientific method possible. Physiotherapy identifies the root cause of the problems and starts oiling the portions of the body which is not responding or from where the root cause of the medical problems of the body starts from.


A smart and qualified physiotherapist looks at the problem eye to eye and tooth to tooth. They do not focus on one area like other disciplines but has an overall assessment of the entire body and then derives the root cause of the problem. Once identified, they go about a detailed plan as to tackle the problem, plans out a rehabilitation program keeping in account the health condition and works as a master craftsman by going step by step to solve the problem.


A rehabilitation program's time frame is ascertained depending on the condition of the patient and is reviewed periodically. Dr. Hironmoy Sil has a state of the art facility at his clinic which helps him to make a judgment without delaying on the treatment process. He also facilitates patients by sending home mobile equipment and trained technician for physiotherapy.


Arthritis is the inflammation caused by the breakdown of cartilage in the joints thereby affecting the joints. In simpler terms it can be explained that the joints function smoothly only when the cartilage acts as a lubricant in the joints allowing free movement. Cartilage absorbs all the shock and a breakdown in cartilage will make the bones come in contact with each other causing pain.

Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common problem associated with pain in the hip joint, leg or pelvic regions. Unnatural bending or overuse of the muscles in the hip area can cause pain and inflammation. Sudden and intense pain in the hip can be due to hip fractures that can be serious. The other causes of hip pain are arthritis, tendonitis, sciatica, sprain, or any other injury to the hip bones. The treatment for this kind of pain depends on their intensity and severity of the injury to the region. Application of heat, pain medication, exercises, physiotherapy and massage can help in relieving pain in this situation. Extreme conditions of pain and immobility need immediate medical attention.


Scoliosis indicates the curving of the spine in the middle or side. This abnormal curving of the spine can affect children and adults either from birth or develop in people suffering from weakness of muscles, cerebral palsy or polio. Scoliosis often goes undetected in its earlier stages when the curving is not much visible. Symptoms of this condition include lower back pain, fatigue, uneven appearance of shoulder or hips, or tilting of the body to one side. Diagnosis includes X-ray, CT scan and MRI scans. Treatment depends on the cause, extent and location of the scoliosis.

Golfer’s Elbow

Medial epicondylitis or the golfers elbow is an elbow pain where the golfers have injuries to the inner side of the arm joint. The overuse of the muscles leads to such a phenomenon where the inner ligament of the muscle gets over stretched leading to such a problem. It is a form of tendonitis where inflammation is caused to the tendons attaching the muscles and the bones

Slipped Herniated Disc

Slipped herniated disc represents a painful condition in which one disc slips out of position. The discs act as cushions to the vertebrae absorbing shocks and allowing us to move freely. Any injury or strain in this region may cause the discs to slip from their position resulting in acute pain and numbness. Slipped or herniated disc may result in difficulty in performing normal routine work and restrict the movement of the body. There might be loss of sensation in the area accompanied by changes in posture and weakening of muscles. Scans, X-rays and other diagnostic tests help in confirming the gravity of the condition. Treatment involves lifestyle changes through physiotherapy sessions, physical workouts, medications and surgery, if required.

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